Saturday, October 13, 2012 and Rush Limbaugh

BlindsDotCom giving a blind eye to Rush Limbaugh ads.

Many Rush Limbaugh sponsors do not want too many people to know they advertise on the sexist, bigoted, hate mongering show, that the Rush Limbaugh represents, from Monday to Friday, 3 hours a day, year after year after year. But you can fight back. Yes, keep your children safe by turning off the radio. Make sure the MP3 player doesn't have an AM/FM receiver. that helps, and if you are a fan of Rush Limbaugh, you don't need to read any further. Just go on.

Now Facebook has many censorship mechanisms. One that is really nasty is that, once you are determined to be an unwanted commentator, your posts are made invisible to the rest of the world, or at least the rest of the wold that are not your Facebook friends, but can be seen by you. Really nasty. You could be typing away, laying out your best arguments at the best time, which is right after the transgression is noted, and have absolutely no idea that you are typing to yourself with no audience. 

If you go to the Facebook do not write "Rush" or "Limbaugh". They have these words automatically screened. Your whole post, that you spent good time on, is never seen. Use some misspelling. Then at least some employee has to make the unconscionable decision to squelch you.

And if you use, please, do ask for the 50% Rush Limbaugh discount. Tell them that the blinds are stained with the memories and association to a ugly fat bigot that you don't want in your house.

The following is a link to the Facebook thread where I was banned:

give them some of your mind, and tell them Knot sent you.

And this is what the discussion looked like before I was banned:

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  • Knot Limbaugh Please help me out by liking or commenting below. It does not seem that this Facebook page gets a lot of traffic but if you happen to see this, please comment or like. I will probably get banned soon. There is already a suppression of information to you from the management over the Ru$h Limbough show which this company has decided to sponsor. I am deliberately misspelling the name because they put a filter on the proper name. If you spell the name correctly, you will be able to see your comment, but no one else will. Sort of insidious, isn't it? I am hoping that if a few people that are real customers like my comment or comment about it then the management will not be so draconian to simply delete. 

    I don't have a lot of interest in blinds but I do think that children should be safe at home and not allowed to listen to hateful speech. Nor should they have examples of $exist remarks about women. Nor underhanded remarks about the president, or how bad the economy is. This is night time or XM show material. Not school hours material. This is not a free speech issue but rather one of appropriateness. Please voice your opinion on this matter. Either here or with any other communications with Blind$ dot com.
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  • Brad Smallridge Yes, Knot, that does seem insidious. I, by the way can see your comment fine. It's typical of the politiKal right these days. L Rashdo talks about freedom but the first amendment only applies when it is in his interest. I agree, not on public airways!
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  • Hank Hill My wife isn't going to be happy about this. Why do they do it? There are so many better options.
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  • Mickey Gato I don't understand how any respectable product would want to be associated with the lewd and bigotted content of the RLmbaugh program.
  • Your comments on our advertising are all read and passed on to our advertising team ( 

    As we reach out through thousands of advertising channels, any and all feedback is taken into consideration to shape our presence.

    However, our 
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  • Knot Limbaugh Your company spends thousands of dollars to sponsor hate speech on public airways that are children listen to and now you are trying to say that I have to go through your private channels so that I can be ignored? I don't think so.
  • Gyawa Miller You are running ads on rush Limbaugh. You know you are because he is reading the ads for you. with the same breath of air, he tells all his listeners about a little girl riding her bike to school, he was upset at her wanting to save the planet, so you know what he did to her? he told everyone on the air what her full name was, the name of the school, then the city state she lived in. wow. that's not the worse thing, but the other stuff he says does not belong in a facebook wall.
  • Knot Limbaugh I see that you made me a ghost. Maybe you would consider reinstating me. It's easy to ban somebody from your own page, but not so easy to ban me from other people's page, including any company that your page likes, or any of your suppliers, or any of your contractors you hire to do your installations. i found people very receptive when I tell them I have been silenced from a page. But, heck, you want everybody to know that you advertise on ru$h Limbough so you must want everybody to know that.


  1. You are a piece of trash. Go back to your welfare apartment SLAVE!

  2. This is why we need to keep Rush Limbaugh off public airways during school hours. This kind of bigotry should be on satellite radio at least, if not stamped out completely. Thank you, whoever posted this. It made my point.